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    Radiy Khabirov: «Singing Springs Park – the best in the republic» 24.11.2020 14:05

    Radiy Khabirov: «Singing Springs Park – the best in the republic»

    In Belebey, the «Park Poyuschih Rodnikov» project (Singing Springs Park) was completed, which included a renovation of the city pond's embankment and adjacent territories. In 2019, the city of Belebey won the All-Russian competition for the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment in small cities and historical settlements. The Institute for the Urban Development of Bashkiria has created a project that involves the disclosure of the territory's natural potential by building the interaction of visitors with water – Belebey is known as the land of «singing springs», where more than a hundred healing springs flow.

    The project cost amounted to 231.2 million rubles, including 85 million rubles from the budget of the Russian Federation, 146.1 million rubles from the budget of Bashkortostan. Of these, 113 million were spent on the overhaul of the city pond embankment and the surrounding area.

    – In my opinion, this is the best park in the republic near a water body. It turned out to be very modern and functional. There is everything for recreation for people of any generation. The territory is magnificent; this excellent project is a merit of our Institute for Urban Development, the city team, – the Head of the Republic Radiy Khabirov shared his impressions after visiting the park.

    Wooden piers and an amphitheater, as well as a sandy beach, appeared on the embankment. New pavilions with awnings and toilets have been installed in the beach area. Here one can change clothes, take shelter in the shade or hide from the rain, buy drinks, and have a light snack.

    There is now a «Bublic Space» multifunctional coworking center, bike paths, bike parking, shopping kiosks, and various art objects near the park. Outdoor lighting, CCTV systems, outdoor water supply, and sewerage systems were installed there.


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