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    Agricultural machinery for 7,8 billion rubles was purchased in Bashkortostan 03.11.2020 17:59

    Agricultural machinery for 7,8 billion rubles was purchased in Bashkortostan

    Despite the pandemic and economic difficulties, the agrarians of Bashkortostan ensured an increase in agricultural production by four percent for nine months of 2020. Today they form more than seven percent of the gross regional product. This season, a record grain harvest was harvested – more than 4 million tons.

    The Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov highly appreciated the modernization of the machinery. This year it was purchased for 7,8 billion rubles, which is 2,9 billion rubles more than in 2019. Until 2024, it is necessary to purchase about 4 thousand more tractors and combines. Enterprises exporting agricultural products have achieved significant results in the republic. In 2020, exports grew by $ 40 million to $ 113,7,million. Within the framework of the federal program «Comprehensive development of rural areas» this year, about 300 families were provided with housing. More than 21 km of gas pipelines and almost 19 km of water pipelines were built in settlements.

    – We started a lot of work on the processing of agricultural products. In this direction, Bashkortostan is in sixth place in the Volga Federal District. This is a serious flaw, and I have instructed the Government of the republic to develop a program for the processing industry development. This is one of the growth points of our economy, – said Radiy Khabirov.

    In 2020, the region retained its leading position in the country in the production of milk, beef, greenhouse vegetables, and honey. Good yields were achieved for oilseeds and sugar beets.

    – At the Investment Committee meetings this year, 95 projects with a total investment of over 218 billion rubles were considered, – Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Agriculture Ilshat Fazrakhmanov said.

    Speaking about crop production, the Agriculture Minister of Bashkortostan noted that the republic's potential allows increasing the gross grain harvest to 5 million tons by increasing crop yields. In general, the amount of support for the agro-industrial complex from the federal and regional budgets in 2020 amounted to 6,5 billion rubles. The Head of Bashkortostan thanked the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and personally Ilshat Fazrakhmanov for the active support of the farmers and the effective work to attract investments to the industry.

    – We need to examine carefully what support measures we can provide in 2021 for the further modernization of agriculture, the development of entrepreneurship, and the cooperative movement, – Radiy Khabirov emphasized.


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