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    Agreements with potential residents of special economic zone were signed at «Investment Hour» 01.08.2019 17:44

    Agreements with potential residents of special economic zone were signed at «Investment Hour»

    On August 1, the Acting Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov held an «Investment Hour» session of the Investment Committee at the House of Republic. Participants of the meeting reviewed the preparations for creating the first special economic zone (SEZ) in Sterlitamaksky and Ishimbaysky districts of Bashkiria.

    According to the Interim Vice Prime Minister - Chief of Staff of the Government  RB, Ilshat Tazhitdinov, to date, most of the necessary documents have been prepared.

    The total area of ​​the special economic zone will reach 462 hectares. Currently, the SEZ planning scheme and its development plan are being under consideration.

    The Development Corporation RB,  which is the SEZ management company, is looking for potential residents. The preliminary investment portfolio, formed as a result of this work, totaled to about 24 billion rubles. It is planned to create more than 1.2 thousand new jobs.

    As part of the «Investment Hour» session, agreements were signed between the Government of Bashkortostan and residents ready to implement investment projects in the SEZ territory.

    Among them, there was a production of cetane-raising additives for diesel fuel. According to the «M Synthesis» LLC CEO Andrei Morozov, it will be implemented based on technology transfer using foreign equipment.

    In the Ishimbaysky district, geological surveys have begun to prepare for the design works. The volume of investments is estimated at 5.5 billion rubles.

    Another investment project, also approved earlier by the Investment Committee, provides for the manufacturing personal protective equipment for workers equipped with location sensors and health monitoring. According to Maxim Shpilkin, «Smart Global» LLC CEO, a pilot batch of such equipment is already tested at the Salavat Catalyst Plant. The total investment is 575 million rubles.

    The «BK-Technology» company plans to implement a project for the production of lamps, LED lighting, and panels in the territory of the special economic zone. The General Director Rinat Zubaidullin presented product samples to the attendees of the session - LED lamps for streets and parks.

    Radiy Khabirov instructed the Ministry of Housing and Utilities RB to consider a possibility of cooperation with the company on the matter of yards and public territories improvement.


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