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    The first «Vzletai» School Forum opened in Ufa 01.02.2019 14:06

    The first «Vzletai» School Forum opened in Ufa

    On February 1 the first «Vzletai» School Forum opened in Ufa. The Acting Head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, in his speech proposed to switch to a five-day school week. He believes that children are very overtasked by the school program and should spend the weekend with their families. At the same time, during the transition to the five-day week, the salary of teachers should remain the same. Radiy Khabirov proposed to devote eight out of the 32 free Saturdays to school.

    For example, the first Saturday may be devoted to the school-wide sports day, where pupils can spend time together in sports. The second Saturday in October can be themed to the study of the native land, inviting famous countrymen or labor heroes. A November Saturday, according to the head of the region, can be devoted to studying the culture of the peoples of Bashkortostan.

    Also Radiy Khabirov proposed to rate the schools of the republic and identify ten best urban and rural secondary schools with significant grant support. According to the head of the region, this measure will contribute to the development of schools. He also offered to compete for gifted schoolchildren.

    The head of the republic believes that the school should be equal in opportunities for all students, including children with disabilities in health.

    In his opinion, the ways how to strengthen and develop the volunteer movement in schools should be developed. It is an important mission aimed at ensuring that schoolchildren leave the school not only educated people but also with a pronounced civic stance, with the right moral guidelines. It is necessary to work out proposals for additional measures to be taken in higher educational institutions of the republic, where volunteer activities of applicants and students will be encouraged.


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