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    Rustem Khamitov discussed increase in flights from Ufa with Azimut Airlines management 04.05.2018 15:45

    Rustem Khamitov discussed increase in flights from Ufa with Azimut Airlines management

    Yesterday the Head of Bashkortostan met with the leadership of Azimut Airlines – the Chairman of the Board of Directors Pavel Udod and the member of the Board of Directors Vitaly Vantsev. The parties discussed prospects for cooperation development in the field of inter-regional air transportation.

    "Having one of the best airports in Russia, we certainly would like to increase its load, to expand the number of routes that are performed from our airport," said Rustem Khamitov. “Actually, we are ready to support proposals that help our residents to get to any domestic and foreign destinations without any difficulties and inconveniences.”

    Pavel Udod said that according to the previous agreements, two direct routes from Ufa to the south of Russia were currently organized — to Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don.

    “So far all the indicators of passenger traffic show that these routes are in demand. The passenger traffic is good, the booking of aircraft seats is absolutely acceptable, even slightly above our plans. These routes already in the first month showed the loading of flights above 80 percent,” said Pavel Udod. In the future, the company is ready not only to increase the frequency of flights in existing areas but also to expand the route network. Possible destinations are Sochi, Anapa, Mineralnye Vody, Simferopol.

    "We are considering various options for expanding the route network, including with partner companies, optimizing it to make connection flights at the Ufa airport, increasing the passenger flow and transit potential of the airport with further traffic from Siberia and the Urals to the south," said Pavel Udod. “The most important thing is that we are ready to operate additionally not only in high season but on a year-round basis — in winter and in summer. In general, this is the primary conceptual model of the Azimut company — to be a system carrier, which can directly connect the cities of the south with the Volga region, Siberia, bypassing the Moscow junction.”

    The Azimut Airlines have been operating flights on the route network since 2017, which includes destinations from Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar to major cities in the central part of Russia, the Urals, and Siberia.


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