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    Rustem Khamitov discussed new investment projects with KAMAZ management 13.03.2018 15:58

    Rustem Khamitov discussed new investment projects with KAMAZ management

    On March, 13 the Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov met with the PJSC "KAMAZ" CEO Sergey Kogogin.

    The parties discussed development of the car concern subsidiaries located in the cities of Neftekamsk and Tuimazy, as well as implementation of investment projects, including in production of trolleybuses and towed vehicles.

    “We are long-standing partners. "KAMAZ" does a lot at the enterprises located in our republic — in Neftekamsk, Tuimazy", Rustem Khamitov said. “We see that the product range is expanding, the production output is increasing, number of jobs is growing along with  introduction of technological innovations. In general, this sounds quite optimistically.”

    “Bashkortostan is our second Motherland. It is clear that we have the main production facilities in Naberezhnye Chelny. But, the same plant in Neftekamsk is already becoming the first among our plants in terms of size,” said Sergey Kogogin. “Now our main task is to increase labor productivity, production output.”

    The head of "KAMAZ" said that the Tuimazy ready-mix truck building plant, in fact, owns 80 percent of the Russian market of these products. However, the construction market in the country has undergone significant changes, and it is impossible to restore the previous volume of ready-mix trucks sales. Therefore, at present the production should be diversified.

    “It relates new production facilities, serious investments in the production automation, training of personnel and launching a new product in the field of towed vehicles. This is what we are going to do”,  said the KAMAZ CEO.


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