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    3.6 billion rubles will be invested in Bashkortostan gasification before 2021 26.10.2017 18:10

    3.6 billion rubles will be invested in Bashkortostan gasification before 2021

    In Moscow, a working meeting of the Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov and Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller was held. The parties considered topical issues of cooperation. In particular, it was a question of gasification of the region. It was noted that in 2005-2016 Gazprom invested 3.8 billion rubles in the gasification of the republic, 25 inter-settlement gas pipelines with a total length of 483 km were built. During this period, the level of gasification of Bashkortostan has been increased from 78.5 to 91 percent (with 67.2 percent nationwide).

    The volume of financing in 2017 is 250 million rubles. At present, Gazprom is constructing six gas pipelines in the territory of Baimak, Bakaly, Buraevo, Karmaskaly and Ufa districts, as well as in new neighborhoods of Neftekamsk. In addition, design and estimate documentation is being developed for two more gas pipelines — in the Burzyan and Uchaly districts.

    In October this year, the Government of Bashkortostan and Gazprom approved a program for the development of gas supply and gasification of the region until 2021. The document assumes gasification of over 52,000 households and apartments, 209 boiler units in 104 settlements. The company's investments are estimated at 3.6 billion rubles.

    The meeting also discussed the development of the gas engine fuel market in the region. To date, 13 automobile gas filling compressor stations of Gazprom operate in the republic, one of which — in Ufa — was put into operation on October 10. Currently, preparatory works are under way for the construction of a new station in the city of Sibay.


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