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    Rustem Khamitov noted importance of "Art-Ufa-2017" International Art Forum 29.07.2017 09:18

    Rustem Khamitov noted importance of "Art-Ufa-2017" International Art Forum

    The Head of the Republic Rustem Khamitov noted importance of the Art-Ufa-2017 International Art Forum, which since June 12 has been operating in the territory of VDNKh-Expo. This year the Biennale presented the best works of more than 200 artists from Bashkortostan, the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, the cities of the USA, Canada, Israel. More than two thousand works of painting, graphics, sculpture, as well as photographs, art objects and objects of decorative and applied art were located on two floors of the complex on an area of about 12 thousand square meters.

    The Head of Bashkortostan examined the exposition and communicated with the artists. According to the authors of the works, holding such a forum is relevant not only for the residents of the republic, but also for professionals – painters, sculptors, art critics, as it allows exchanging opinions, assessing the current state of art and enriching their own creative scope.

    During the forum, many artists conducted a variety of master classes for visitors to the exhibition. Those who are engaged in teaching, mentoring, presented to the Head of the region the training manuals they had developed.

    Rustem Khamitov thanked the organizers for the work done.

    "The exhibition has become a notable cultural phenomenon in the republic. Here works of outstanding masters are displayed. The most important thing is that we cultivate a cultural layer that we have in our republic. We are promoting it, making it intense and stronger", the Head of the Republic said. "Such kinds of exhibitions are in demand. This year, the "Art-Ufa" was visited by 50 thousand people. Such venues, such vernissages, such exhibitions unite us and draw new visitors to us, and this is the most important thing", the Head of the Region noted.

    According to Rustem Khamitov, this project will be further supported.

    The Head of Bashkortostan expressed confidence that the exhibition would become more significant and two years later it would unite new masters with new works and formats.


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