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    Bashkortostan can and should become neurotechnology and robotics development platform – Rustem Khamitov 28.07.2017 09:12

    Bashkortostan can and should become neurotechnology and robotics development platform – Rustem Khamitov

    On July 27, in Ufa the Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov held a session of the Government of the republic, at which a new state program on the development of science and technology in Bashkortostan was approved.

    "The total amount of funding for scientific projects over the years of cooperation with foundations exceeded 235 million rubles, of which half –117.5 million rubles were of federal resources", Rustem Khamitov said. "But if we put a task of expanding the scientific developments implementation, then of course, figures should be much higher".

    The Head of Bashkortostan drew attention to the coordination of activities to attract domestic and foreign investment to research made by the Academy of Sciences RB and the Ufa Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    "Our scientific potential is used quite poorly. There are many patents, inventions, prospective studies, but their commercialization is unacceptably slow. The share of Bashkortostan in the country on the use of scientific results in recent years does not exceed two percent. Last year, 737 patents were issued, but only seven inventions were brought to the end product. Important initiatives are extinguished after their exit from the laboratories", the Head of the Region stressed.

    "New landmarks are emerging in the innovation sphere. At the economic forum in St. Petersburg, President Vladimir Putin talked about a large-scale program "Digital Economy", which solves a part of the tasks to be accomplished within the framework of the National Technology Initiative, including creation of end-to-end digital technologies. We should form our Bashkir technological initiative in the same direction", said Rustem Khamitov. "In the coming years, not less than ten world companies in the sphere of Big Data, neurotechnology, quantum technologies, industrial Internet, robotics, virtual and augmented reality should appear in the country. Bashkortostan can and should become a platform for the development of such important areas".


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