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    Application logo for Bashkortostan’s hosting "Apimondia-2021" Beekeeping Congress will be presented in Turkey 01.11.2016 17:16

    Application logo for Bashkortostan’s hosting "Apimondia-2021" Beekeeping Congress will be presented in Turkey

    The 5th International Congress of Beekeeping and Pine Honey is launched in the Turkish province of Mugla, where the delegation of Bashkortostan will participate. The delegation includes the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government RB Ilshat Tazhitdinov, Minister of Bashkortostan Ruslan Mirsayapov, the head of the Bashkir Research Centre for Beekeeping and Apitherapy Amir Ishemgulov.

    The Russian Federation is represented by Arnold Butov — the president of the oldest and most mass beekeeping organization "Russian National Union of Beekeepers".

    According to the press service of the "Office Party" NGO, within the framework of this major forum a presentation of Bashkortostan as a candidate to host the 47th Congress of the International Federation of Beekeeping Associations "Apimondia" in 2021 will take place.

    The logo of the Russian Bid campaign to host the 47th International Congress "Apimondia" and International Exhibition "Apiexpo" in the capital of Bashkortostan in 2021 has already been approved.

    The logo is designed by the Russian "DesignDepot" agency and is a stylized image of a bee made in colour gradations of honey shades.

    "It is expected that about two thousand people will take part in the Congress, including the members of the "Apimondia" Federation. It will be they who in 2017 will determine by voting a venue of the Congress-2021", said the Minister of Bashkortostan Ruslan Mirsayapov.


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