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    Local initiatives are backed by real government and business support in Bashkiria - World Bank 26.09.2016 17:02

    Local initiatives are backed by real government and business support in Bashkiria - World Bank

    The World Bank experts led by the Head of "Social Protection" devision in the Europe and Central Asia Andrew Mason visited Uchaly region in Bashkortostan. The delegation, in addition to Andrew Mason, also included the chief economist of the World Bank of the Russian Federation Apurva Sanghi, the Head of the Local Initiatives Support Program (LISP) of the World Bank in Russia Ivan Shulga, the consultant of the World Bank, Gagik Khachatryan, the Deputy Minister of Finance RB Natalia Kalugina. During the visit, the delegation got acquainted with the experience of Uchaly region in implementation of the Local Initiatives Support Program. The head of the Uchaly district administration Farit Davletgareev showed LISP objects to members of the delegation.

    A meeting with guests took place at the "Europe and Asia" bridge. The guests had an opportunity to cross the border between the two parts of the world, to evaluate flavour of the Bashkir national dance and horsemanship. The delegation visited several settlements of the district, where projects within the LISP had been implemented.

    In Kunakbaevo village the guests familiarized themselves with the exhibition complex named after Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Matrosov. In 2014, the villagers took the initiative to carry out repairs of the museum, and as part of the LISP managed to implement it. The cost of works amounted to about 1.7 million rubles, the locals collected 130 thousand rubles, the contribution of enterprises and organizations amounted to almost 150 thousand rubles.

    Residents of the city of Uchaly, showing activity and initiative were able to carry out two major projects within the program — a construction of the universal playground in the culture and recreation park and a ski-roller track construction, which was the largest project implemented in 2015.


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