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    Ufa presents "Fedor Chaliapin. Pages of Creativity" exhibition 18.09.2016 19:25

    Ufa presents "Fedor Chaliapin. Pages of Creativity" exhibition

    Оn September 16 in Ufa the 15th International Festival Opera "Shalyapin’s Evenings in Ufa" opened. The Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theatre for a few days will become a centre of festival events. A unique photo exhibition about the life and work of the outstanding artist, whose creative formation took place in Ufa, will run in the "Hermitage" theatre hall. The exhibition "Fedor Chaliapin. Pages of Creativity" features photographs provided by the archives of the Bakhrushin’s State Central Theatre Museum and Ufa branch of the Shalyapin Regional Fund.

    The Chaliapin’s memorable pictures with family and friends, teachers D. Usatov and M. Dalsky, patrons S. Mamontov and S. Diaghilev are at the heart of the exhibition.

    The exhibition presents a whole galaxy of bright scenic images captured by Karl Bulla. Also these are portraits of contemporaries by Konstantin Korovin, Valentin Serov, Nikolai Kuznetsov, Boris Grigoriev, and the son of the artist — Boris Chaliapin; caricatures of Fedor Chaliapin’s roles — Don Basilio ("The Barber of Seville" by G. Rossini.), Mephistopheles ("Faust" by Gounod), Don Quixote in the opera by Jules Massenet, sketches of stage costumes from the operas by S. Rachmaninov and J. Massenet — "Aleko" and "Don Quixote", make-up and costume sketch of Holofernes from the A.Serov’s opera "Judith".

    The exhibition will run in the festival days until September 25.


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