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    Rustem Khamitov has held talks with President of Italian "Gruppo Cremonini" company 24.07.2016 15:37

    Rustem Khamitov has held talks with President of Italian "Gruppo Cremonini" company

    On July 21, in the framework of his working trip to Sterlitamak region, the Head of Bashkortostan held talks with the President of the "Gruppo Cremonini" Italian company Luigi Cremonini. This is one of the largest food companies in Europe. The company is considering a possibility of cooperation with our republic.

    "You will find the best partners in our republic. We will create you the most comfortable conditions for work and render the best assistance. We will solve issues with land and infrastructure and help with products sales. We would like to work with you. There will not be problems with human resources. Our people always come at work. It will never be such a situation when 40-50 people do not come at work. We do not even understand how it could be", Rustem Khamitov said.

    "I realized that in Bashkiria cattle breeding is a very important sector. I am an agricultural engineer myself. It is necessary to cultivate a lot of cattle on such a good land as here, there are suitable conditions for it", said Mr. Cremonini. “In Italy, we have factories that process one thousand heads per day. We are ready to show you everything. It would be a great honour for us if you can come. There was no official delegation there from Bashkiria. I would like to work here the way we work in Italy. We would like to work directly with manufacturers, breeders, without intermediaries. We always work honestly, transparently ", assured the businessman.

    The Head of the Region examined work of agricultural enterprises in Sterlitamak region, and also took part in the republican seminar-meeting on organization of grains and legumes harvesting "Field Day 2016", the press service of the Head of Bashkortostan reports.


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