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    Austrian and German tour operators and journalists visited Bashkortostan 30.05.2016 13:19

    Austrian and German tour operators and journalists visited Bashkortostan

    Bashkortostan was visited by a group of tour operators, journalists and bloggers from Germany and Austria. The main purpose of a familiarization tour was to promote the republic in the European tourist market.

    A stay program of foreign guests was very rich and diverse. It included not only sightseeing of Ufa, but also a visit to the "Bashkiria" National Park, Shulgan-Tash cave, Yumaguzinskoye Reservoir, "Bashkir Village" tourist base in Burzyan region, the White River rafting, as well as visiting "Zelenaya Roscha", "Assy" and "Krasnousolsk" health resorts.

    "You can talk a lot about the fact that we have many beautiful, unique places attractive to tourists. However, few people know about it in the regions of Russia, let alone other countries, including European ones,” stated the Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for Entrepreneurship and Tourism Vyacheslav Gilyazitdinov. The Austrian and German tour operators and journalists who visited Bashkortostan noted, first of all, the authenticity of the region, the feeling of untouched nature.

    "Authenticity is very attractive to Europeans. This is an invaluable gift. The variety and beauty of the Bashkir nature, its primevalness is simply mesmerizing. I'm sure that Bashkortostan will interest Austrian tourists who constantly sit in their offices,” said the representative of the Austrian tourist company Clearskies expedition & Trekking Leonore Rotvangl. “Of course, they would like to live in yurts, see your immense sky, go rafting, see how honey is extracted, climb Mount Iremel, visit Kapova Cave and, of course, taste your national cuisine".

    According to her, the first pilot group of Austrian tourists will visit Bashkortostan in the next year already.

    As foreign visitors marked at the meeting with journalists, they had been pleasantly surprised not only with primevalness of the Bashkir nature, but also with the hospitality of local people.

    "The republic has great potential for the development of domestic and international tourism. We have everything for this: natural and climatic resources and a health resorts sector,” Gulnisa Akbasheva director of "Dopline" travel agency is convinced.


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