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    Vladimir Spivakov: "Ufa Violin Competition is unique with its unprecedented prize fund" 12.05.2016 11:22

    Vladimir Spivakov: "Ufa Violin Competition is unique with its unprecedented prize fund"

    The First Vladimir Spivakov International Violin Competition is unique with its unprecedented prize fund. It will be four violins made by famous masters. This was announced today by the maestro himself at a press conference.

    The First Prize is a violin of 1895 by the Italian master worth 100 thousand euros by Carlo Giuseppe Oddone. It was chosen by Vladimir Spivakov in France and bought by the Bashkir philanthropist, co-organizer of the competition Vasiliy Peganov.

    The Second Prize is a violin by the French master Alan Carbonara worth 40 thousand euros. A friend of Vladimir Spivakov grants it to the winner for free. The master together with his daughter, also violin maker, will arrive in Ufa.

    The Third Prize – is a violin by Cremona master Mary Strelnikova, the daughter of the prominent violin maker Vadim Strelnikov. "This instrument I bought by myself. The violin was perfectly made from the wood, which is more than 150 years old. I played it, I really liked it. This modern instrument costs from 20 thousand euro", Vladimir Spivakov said.

    The fourth violin by the Igor Ulitsky was bought by the Mustai Karim Foundation. "These are the four violins, which will be granted to the winners for use. This usually does not happen at any competitions. The biggest problem for young people — is impossibility to buy an instrument", said Vladimir Spivakov.

    At this moment the first round of the competition started in "Bashkortostan" Concert Hall. A live broadcast of the musical contest is available on the websites of the competition, the Moscow Philharmonic Society and the portal "Kultura.RF".


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