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    Smallest helicopter in the world is developed and assembled in Bashkortostan 04.04.2016 08:37

    Smallest helicopter in the world is developed and assembled in Bashkortostan

    In Bashkortostan, the smallest helicopter in the world — P-30 is developed and assembled at a private design bureau in the city of Kumertau. According to the developers, the helicopter can land even onto a minivan or a roof of a garage.

    According to the head of the design bureau Victor Hribkov, foreign companies have  already taken interest in the new helicopter. It is explained by its amazing maneuverability, Bashkortostan TV and radio company reports.

    The smallest helicopter in the world is designed for two people. But soon, developers promise that it will have three seats.

    The Russian helicopter P-30, which the main developer is Boris Podnebesnov is not only the world's smallest, but also the most quiet and efficient one. During an hour flight it is consumed only 15 litres of gasoline 95-octane.

    Chinese investors helped Bashkir designers to implement a project on creating this helicopter. P-30 — helicopter is fully produced in Russia, made from ultra-strong and ultra-light material. The cost of the helicopter P-30 is about seven million rubles.

    Victor Hribkov reports that several kinds of brand new flying machines are almost ready at the bureau.


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