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    Nine children are diagnosed with "swine flu" in Bashkiria 29.01.2016 10:32

    Nine children are diagnosed with "swine flu" in Bashkiria

    In Bashkortostan, 20 patients are diagnosed with "swine flu", among them are nine children. These are residents of Ufa, Uchaly, Beloretsk, Kumertau. To date, all patients are treated in hospitals. Four of them have the state of moderate severity, the rest are in satisfactory condition, the Deputy Minister of Health RB Elsa Syrtlanova said at a press conference.

    The increase in incidence is expected in February. But no one can predict exactly how many people will get sick. According to the Deputy Minister, the republic has prepared for such a situation: the necessary antiviral drugs were bought; hospitals have about 1.5-month supply of drugs. There is a stock of equipment, which is required to provide medical care to patients with pneumonia, including pneumonia caused by the flu.

    "We know how to deal with influenza AH1N1, because in 2009 the republic had a large outbreak, there were many cases. Currently almost 1.5 thousand infectious beds are available. If necessary, we are ready to increase their number up to 3.5 thousand", Elsa Syrtlanova specified.

    As Rospotrebnadzor experts in Bashkortostan inform, clinical manifestations of "swine flu" were observed in 70 people, but the disease was confirmed by laboratory tests in 20 of them.

    The epidemic threshold on SARS or influenza is not exceeded, it is even lower by 15 percent, but the number of patients will grow.

    1 million 169 thousand inhabitants of Bashkiria should not be afraid of flu, as they were vaccinated against it this autumn. This is almost 29 percent of the population. According to experts, vaccination should reduce the risk of infection and help prevent serious complications.


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