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    Working meeting of Vladimir Putin with Rustem Khamitov has taken place 23.01.2016 11:58

    Working meeting of Vladimir Putin with Rustem Khamitov has taken place

    On January 22, in Moscow a working meeting of Vladimir Putin with the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov took place. The Head of the Region briefed Vladimir Putin on the socio-economic situation in the republic.

    Speaking about the main economic indicators in the region, Rustem Khamitov noted that "they are fairly good".

    Mr Khamitov said that the gross regional product grew in 2015, with increases in all the main sectors. Industry, construction and agriculture all posted increases. “We have plus 4.5 percent to the level of 2014 in investments. A record figure is reached in housing construction since day one: it was commissioned  over 2.65 million square metres,” said the Head of the Republic. He also stressed that the average housing availability per capita was also growing in Bashkortostan, with increase in investment and small business activity.

    The Head of the Republic said that in the region in November last year a Small and Medium Business Forum of the SCO and BRICS Member-States was held to become permanent in the future.

    Currently the share of investment in fixed assets in the gross regional product constituted 22.5 percent. Tax revenues rose by more than 10 percent, while the republic had a small public debt, about 22 percent of the budget. And the Ministry of Finance marked improvement of the republic’s financial management due to small amount of debt obligations.

    The head of the region emphasized the fact that in many areas two-three-fold increase was reached in the republic. "This is a gross regional product, and index of industrial production, investment, agriculture, the volume of construction. Coverage of children by pre-school education reached 70 percent".

    Vladimir Putin gave a good assessment of the economic situation in the region.

    “GRP has grown more than twice that is, of course, a key indicator,” the President underlined.


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